Did We Just Have A Pornhub Notification Pop Up On CNN?

Is this real? No.

Does it feel like it should be real? Of course! 

Not just because it would be completely on par with the madness of this entire election. But because this is the exact face of someone that got caught with his dick in the Pornhub jar on live TV.

Usually I would say that having notifications on for any website not called Barstool Sports is a crazy person move. But if you think you are stressed out by this election because of your political beliefs, try being one of the people responsible for breaking down every vote of every county as the entire world watches on. If anybody deserves to blow off some steam, it's John King and the rest of these map maestros operating on their feet 24/7 with no sleep while somehow still flawlessly working that telestrator like Peter North works his dick.

P.S. if this notification was real, I would put the house on it being for College Porn. You can only say the words Electoral College so many times before your brain skews that direction for when it needs some dopamine pumped into it.

P.P.S. Haha, "pumped into it".