Taylor Lewan & Will Compton Just Scripted The “He Has Risen” For Brett Kern -- The Greatest Punter Celebration In NFL History

Three-time Pro Bowler and 2019 All-Pro punter Brett Kerns joined the Boys on the Bus this week, and it was not a disappointment. First of all, Brett was kinda maybe a little salty about not being asked on the Bus before, which he attributed to, well, the fact he’s a punter.

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“I’m a punter,” he said. “I have a dad bod. I don’t really look like an NFL player. I knew I was very low on the totem pole (to come on the Bus). Which is fine. I’ve gotten used to that over my career.” 

The funniest part of this wide-ranging interview involved Taylor and Will trying to get Brett some swag on the field. 

“You have a Pat McAfee feel to you,” Taylor told him.”You got a grip it and rip it, I’m just going to punt the shit out of this ball and move on. Without the theatrics, which I think we can work on this year.”

Brett disagreed, because he’s not that kind of player. “I don’t feel comfortable doing that.”

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This is where the Boys decided, since it’s 2020 and that’s ALL about “getting comfortable with the uncomfortable,” to script him a celebration that would probably break the internet.

They called it HE HAS RISEN. It goes like this:

TAYLOR LEWAN: You take the ball, you grab that thing … and drop that piss missile onto that blasting foot of yours and send that thing 55 yards into the deep corner, inside the 10 yard line? You can’t do a little something?

BRETT KERN: My problem is I can’t dance.

WILL COMPTON: You don’t need to go D-GenerationX, like WWE.

BRETT KERN: Potential fine …

TAYLOR: We can do the He Has Risen. We’ll have nine guys kind of make a cave, and we all come up like a ball, and then … you lay down. Eight guys funnel you like you're in a cave. He Has Risen. I go up and I’m between the eight guys. And I put myself in a ball. …

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WILL: Let’s say you’re playing me and I join in.

TAYLOR: Let’s say Will is on the other team, and he joins in. It’s too great of a celly not to join in. I’m in a ball, Will rolls me out of the way, and then you MAGICALLY get up and just walk out and we all start chanting HE IS RISEN. Because you’re the second coming of Jesus as a punter.

BRETT: It’s VERY sacrilegious.

TAYLOR: Is it?

BRETT: Uhhhh. Yeah.

WILL: He’s like uhhhh!

BRETT: Here’s the thing, after I hit a ball, I just sit there and kind of admire it. So it’s 50-50 if I even make it 20 yards down the field, because I have trust in my boys when they go cover. So a lot of times, I’m just … there.


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What. A. Celebration. Would play HUGE in Nashville. Twitter would explode. SVP’s Play of the Day. It would be a whole thing.

Would this be the greatest punter celebration of all time?

Only time will tell.

Brett was injured in the last Titans game (as you know they’ve been kind of snake bit this year), so hopefully he’ll have a quick recovery and return. 

For the rest of the interesting conversation with Kern, check out the entire Bussin’ podcast below.