In Honor Of The GOAT's 68th Birthday - Bill Walton's Greatest Hits On Barstool

It's Bill Walton's birthday today, which honestly should be a national holiday. The man is a gift for all of us. When you hear the word content genius, it's Bill Walton. When you think of late night, a little fuzzy watching a Pac-12 game, it's Bill Walton. When you hear of great humans, it's Bill Walton. So we need to honor the man on his birthday with a blog. He's a fan favorite here at Barstool and has been since day 1. Everyone from Pres to Kmarko to Big Cat to myself to Coley to WSD all have blogged about this legend. I searched the blog and there are 91 blogs that come up when you type in 'Bill Walton.' 

In 2015 Walton did a Reddit AMA. It’s pretty much like Creed’s Thoughts – it’s a little too wild, even by Walton standards. We get him talking about being milked. Let me write that again. Bill Walton talks about being milked. He also debates if he could beat Abraham Lincoln in a knife fight

Bill Walton embarrassed Mark Jackson and his fancy papers live on TV 

He reminded us all about safe sex during a game

Speaking of safe sex - remember when he told the world that Canyon Barry was named Canyon because Rick Barry and his wife had sex and conceived him in the Grand Canyon? 

He's done nothing but ruin Dave Pasch on Thursday and Saturday nights 

But we know as you get to 68, your bladder gets smaller. Remember when he just missed the start of OT to take a leak? 

Here's hoping he was gifted a nice fat joint for his birthday though. It's no secret the man loves getting high

And of course he decided to eat a very lit cupcake. Here's hoping he's practicing some fire safety with his dessert tonight 

A year from now when he turns 69 will be even better. He's the best out there for late night college hoops. I've said it before, but I don't need someone to consistently break down the game thanks to Twitter and my own eyes. I want to be entertained and there's no one more entertaining in the business than Walton. He's a true gem.