If You Are Going to Cheat on Your Girlfriend, Maybe Don't Snapchat Her With Your Side Chick Visible in Your Sunglasses

The Digital Age strikes again.

This is one of those situations where it's difficult for me to understand what someone who is so clearly braindead was thinking, but my goodness. Let's just run over the checklist really quick. You know you're a scumbag who's cheating on his girlfriend. You know the girl you're cheating on her with is sitting next to you. You know you're wearing sunglasses.

And in spite of all that, you're like, "Now seems like a great time to fire off a snap."

Also, cheating on someone is horrible and something I would never wish upon anyone, but how easy was it to cheat on people before we had cell phones documenting everyone's every move? Short of hiring a private investigator to follow your significant other around and take pictures with a 100x zoom camera lens, what did people do? Rely on cheaters to tell the truth? It just seems like it was pretty easy to get away with is all I'm saying.

Anyway, good for this girl for getting out of a relationship with one of the dumbest people on Earth. Don't snap and cheat, kids.

P.S. This song came on shuffle as I was writing this blog and it is both incredibly apt and very fire.