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#Pray4Joe - Joe Flacco Missed Practice Today With A Cold And I Have To Admit I'm A Bit Worried About It

flacco down

PFT –  A starting quarterback who’s never missed a regular season game has missed his team’s first practice of the week. Ravens starter Joe Flacco didn’t participate in the club’s workout on Wednesday, according to the team’s official Twitter feed. The Ravens (1-1) play at Cleveland on Sunday. Ravens coach John Harbaugh did not elaborate on Flacco’s absence, the club said. However, it appears that Flacco may just be a little under the weather. According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Flacco has a cold. Also, Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com reported that “word is” Flacco isn’t feeling well. This sounds like a story only Gay Talese could make interesting.


#Pray4Joe should be trending worldwide by 5pm. I’m worried sick about him. I probably shouldn’t be, but I am. Joe doesn’t miss practice. He doesn’t miss anything. He was the kid in school with the perfect attendance certificate, the presidential gym class award, and still stole your girlfriend. Games, practices, chances to show off his sexy thighs- you name it, he’s there. So I’m beyond confident that he’ll suit up and start on Sunday in Cleveland, but we need Joe to be Joe. Can’t have him off his game. While the Browns don’t scare me in the least, they’re not the same team they’ve been in recent years. We drop a game to the Browns more often than I’d like to admit, usually in Cleveland too. Can’t afford to go down in the hole 1-2 with Carolina and Indianapolis ahead on the schedule. Flacco and the Smiths are making steady progress on getting the timing down on this offense and I’d hate to see us take a step back from that. So let’s get Flacco some of that Ebola medicine and get him back onto the field ASAP.