As NJ Legalizes Cannabis, 'How to Roll a Joint' Becomes Their Top Google Search Term

Source - Voters in New Jersey just passed legislation the authorize the legal use of recreational use of marijuana and now it seems some people are getting ready to partake in the once-illegal past time based on a unique spike of Google searches.

TMZ first reported a nearly 3,000% jump in the search term “how to roll a joint” on Tuesday evening as Garden State residents saw the ballot measure to legally smoke, grow and sell marijuana pass.

In fact, three of the top five Google searches in New Jersey as of Wednesday morning all relate to the legalization of marijuana vote for the state - the other two are election results for the presidential race.

It's rare that I find myself spending so much time on anything related to The Garden State or its laws. But what the actual, New Jersey? Where have you people been for the last 100 years? 

I voted to legalize the Sticky Green Nasty when it was on the ballot in Massachusetts. My reasons being that, even though I prefer my own vices and don't partake, I'd met people who've been helped by it and couldn't imagine that there was a grown up in the country who wanted to use, but couldn't get access to it. Not one. I was right about the first. But I guess I was wrong about the second. How else do you explain people reaching adulthood without ever having rolled a joint or seen one rolled, but now suddenly being interested? So the laws actually did prevent people from lighting up? I seriously never would've believed it. 

It's not like rolling a joint is a complicated process. It's not like the time I went to YouTube to learn how to tie a Windsor knot or teach the Irish Rose how to use Zoom for her job. If I ever rolled a joint in my life, I don't remember it. But growing up in Weymouth it was impossible not to witness it being done first hand. 

True story. When I was on WEEI we were talking about the NFL's marijuana policy and we took a call from "Jonathan from Weymouth." 

JfW: "Hi Jerry. I grew up around the block from you. You graduated with my brother Michael."

Me: "Oh right. I know who this is."

JfW: "Guys, I could roll a joint when I was four years old." 

Me: "He really could. We were so proud. ..."

And that's how my hometown was banned from having callers for a while. So how an entire state of legal adults would need to go to the Google machine to learn such a basic and fundamental life skill is absolutely beyond my comprehension. It's like if some authoritarian country legalized pornography and everyone had to search "How do you masturbate?" Go figure. 

Just as warning though to all my Jersey friends: If you're going online to learn how to smoke the Samwise Ganjah, be sure to watch how it will turn you into a deranged, uncontrollable monster too. It's science.