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Lebron Crushes The Hopes And Dreams Of Poor Poor Cleveland Yet Again




Can we have real talk for a minute?  Has any human ever caused more damage to 1 city than Lebron James has caused to Cleveland?  He’s a cancer.  A virus. A disease.  All he does is crush the dreams of a city that can’t afford to sink any lower.   Like you can’t constantly give hope to the lowly people of  Cleveland and then rip it away time and time again.   First he got swept in the Finals by the Spurs.  Then the Decision.  And now this.  Taking them to the brink only to vanish into thin air just like he did into the Miami night when they needed him most.   People keep blaming injuries and saying he doesn’t have the supporting cast.  But who says it’s not him?  He was a ghost tonight.  A total non factor.  It looked like he mentally had checked out.  Maybe he can’t win without a proven champion and hall of famer like Dwayne Wade to take all the tough shots in all the biggest moments?  Maybe he’s not as great as everybody says he is.  Maybe he’s not good enough to win in Cleveland.  Maybe he’s destined to be a loser.   Maybe he belongs in Cleveland after all.