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Meet The Young Stoolie Turning Barstool Folks Into LEGOs

Every now & then in my own down time I'll pick up my sketch book or water color paints, but 99.999% of the time I just sit on my couch accumulating crumbs. 

The same can't be said for Azariah, a 15 year-old Stoolie from Florida who has created a @LEGOBarstool account; part of a personal project turning #content folks into LEGOs. From a spot-on Robbie Fox to a hardo-Sox-Fan Carrabis, pretty much everyone he's re-created has loved it & given him some shine. 

Ever intrigued & jazzed by the projects of Barstool enthusiasts I reached out to Azariah to learn more. 

Moving on from SpaceX he shifted gears & first up on the list, another rocket man headed to the moon…

And as for if he's gotten any of the figures from the screen to 3D:

I use the awesome website to customize the Minifigures… and I can 3D print them, but I don't have a 3D printer, so they stay digital. : /

..Though he's working on it! In fact he even submitted to LEGO Ideas, a sector of LEGO that encourages people to share concepts & enter contests to make their designs reality. But alas…

As he explained: 
Unless LEGO allows the Barstool Sports IP, I won't be able to resubmit it successfully -  I was more disappointed than surprised because I had a feeling in the first place that it would be rejected, but I'm still going to try to get a custom set out there.

Have to say, I love his passion for it & that neither rejections or polling seem to deter him in any way…. This guy is going places.

In closing, for the most hard-hitting question of all, I asked which Barstool personality would be the most painful to step on if they were a real LEGO figure:
Probably PFT… smaller LEGO pieces hurt more.
Giphy Images.

I'd have gone with Vibbs or Gaz (just feel like they've got pointy joints), but the man has spoken. If you want to check out more of his fun ideas & other Barstool scenes he's assembled head on over to his Twitter & give him a follow. 

I'd say it's going pretty well… LEGO brick by LEGO brick, shout out to the Stoolie making sure Smitty's not the only blockhead here.