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We Have The List Of The 4 MLB Owners That Voted Against Steve Cohen's Bid To Buy The Mets And They Are Now Public Enemies Number 1-4 Of Mets Fans Everywhere

SNY- As Steve Cohen worked to gain the support of the 22 other MLB owners necessary to approve his purchase of the Mets, he had to beat back what he feared would be an effort from Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf to marshal a coalition of votes against his candidacy. For several weeks, the outcome of this vote was not assured. After SNY reported, Cohen’s plans to hire Sandy Alderson as team president -- news that Cohen later confirmed in a news release -- it became difficult for other owners to make a case that he would spend wildly.

In the end, four owners voted against Cohen -- giving him something between an easy win and a nail biter. Those owners were, according to league sources: Reinsdorf, Arte Moreno of the Los Angeles Angels, Bob Castellini of the Cincinnati Reds, and Ken Kendrick of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Congratulations to the 100 or so players on the active rosters of the White Sox, Angels, Reds, and Diamondbacks as well as the hundreds of current and future players in the Minors. If you are good and reach free agency with your team having even a feign interest in bringing you back, you can rest assured that your Uncle Stevie from New York will have a giant bag of money with a comically oversized money sign on the front of it. I think we all know who will be getting that first offer based on this news and Cohen's Following list.

If you are a fan of any of those four teams, I plead that you direct all scorn at your team's owners for making an enemy out of the real life Bobby Axelrod and the collective group of unwashed baseball savages commonly referred to as Mets fans. If all of this doesn't end with Mike Trout somehow becoming a Met while still in his prime, everything in Billions is a flat out lie.

I honestly couldn't ask for a better group of dickheads to oppose Uncle Stevie. First up on the Hate List is Jerry Reinsdorf because I'm pretty sure that cheap fuck is the one who organized this whole coup. Truth be told, I actually liked Reinsdorf back in the day because he broke up Jordan Bulls back when the Knicks were actually a title contender (I know this sounds crazy to younger people, but trust me, the Knicks were once good). White Sox fans also hate Jerry Reinsdorf about as much as we hate the Wilpons and I love those crazy fucks from the South Side since we have been little brothers being held captive by penny pinching owners in a big market. 

Arte Moreno checks in at number 2 because he turned the Angels from a plucky World Series champion powered by an adorable rally monkey to an overpriced baseball Titanic sinking the career of the greatest baseball player I have ever seen (non steroids division). Ken Kendrick takes home the bronze medal because his name is flat out preposterous and I hate all 100 of the different Diamondbacks jerseys. Finally, Bob Castellini checks in at 4th because I often forget the Reds even exist as a franchise despite being around forfuckingever, I feel for Bengals fans who are owned by essentially the Wilpons of the NFL, and their city's signature food has been shit on by the greatest sports podcast in the universe for years now.

I'm not sure what the reason was for these owners voting "No" to Uncle Stevie. But I am sure that Steve Cohen will be going to bed every night reciting those owners' names to himself like Arya recited her list before falling asleep under what I imagine are no less than one zillion thread count sheets.