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This Guy Interrupting a Nevada Election Update to Scream About Conspiracies is the True Mr. Vegas

No matter how you feel about the election, there's one thing we can all agree upon. This guy, whoever he is, is the most Nevada person in the entire world. 

The "BBQ, Beer, Freedom" shirt. And of course it's a tank because while he's from Sin City, the real sin would be covering up those carefully sculpted guns with a regular tee. The camo shorts, because you know he hasn't worn long pants since grandpa's funeral. The sunbleached hair that still has the part across the top from where he pulls up his wraparound Oakleys. The mustache that just screams, "I drive a cherry Chevy panel van with Molly Hatchet album art airbrushed on the sides." The chin diaper. The crazy repeated phrases and that one pointing gesture he's got. It's all so perfect.

As my buddy who sent this - who's spent a lot more time there than I have - we all have this image of Las Vegas as all glamorous, gorgeous, sophisticated people. An image carefully crafted by tourism ads and movies like the "Ocean's" franchise. When the reality is, this guy is the prototype of the locals. 

He's absolute true Mr. Vegas. You can see it in the total respect from those around him. That look when he's spitting hot droplets in everyone's faces but they display nothing but total reverence because he's the genuine article. I just hope he comes back an expands on his theories. Or runs for office himself. Because we need to hear more from this gentleman who's just keeping it real.