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Richelle Ryan Showed Up To A VCU Frat Halloween Party Days After She Said She Was On The Hunt For Their Baseball Team

What a swing! What a swing! I gotta admit I didn't think here on November 4th I'd be breaking down and wondering about porn star Richelle Ryan and where she is on VCU's campus. It all started when she was on the hunt and the baseball team had her eye: 

But now we got a rivalry straight out of some shitty 80s comedy. Baseball team vs frat. According to an e-mail from a Stoolie with the top picture, Theta Chi had Richelle Ryan at their Halloween party and that Instagram proves it. That's Richelle Ryan, trust me, I know what she looks like now. 

But now I'm conflicted. Here I was calling VCU the early season favorite to win the College World Series. I mean there is a track record for success of athletes and teams that Richelle Ryan has her eye on

Okay maybe not ALL the teams


But I gotta tip my cap here. I know it'll sound very frat boy Barstool, but swooping in and inviting her to a Halloween party is a 10 outta 10 move. I have no idea if there's a rivalry between Theta Chi and the baseball team. There should be now. You can't have Richelle Ryan publicly throw her name out there for the baseball team and then have her be on campus with a frat. 

VCU, hasn't been this hot since the 2011 NCAA Tournament. 


PS: Stay hot, Rocket