Kid Wearing A Fedora Murders The Stage With His Dance Moves At A Pharrell Concert



CRUSHED IT.  More than crushed it.  He made all the other kids on stage look like they were nothing.  Peasants among a king.  They shouldn’t even be allowed to stand on the same stage as Fedora Kid.  Pharrell recognized it right away too.  He knows talent when he sees it.  It was pretty easy to spot when fedora-wearing Michael Jackson was standing in a sea of scrubs.  And normally I’d make fun of the kid’s Dad for laughing like a goddamn maniac the whole time but there was something awesome about him yelling, “That’s my boy!  That’s my boy!” over and over again.  He was so happy.  No Dad has ever been more proud of their kid.  I hope to know what that feels like some day.


PS- Still performing “Happy” huh, Pharrell?  When are you gonna give us all a break from that god forsaken song?  Please.