Chick Goes Around On Hidden Camera To See If Guys Will Still Give Her Their Number After They Find Out She Has A Boyfriend






Ummm… most pointless hidden camera ever? Yeah, no kidding guys will give out their number to anyone. What, I’m gonna respect the sanctity of this relationship right here? Some little Asian dude with pink hair? Please. If she was dating some dude who looked like The Mountain then maybe I’d hesitate, anyone else and she gets the digits no questions asked. I don’t even know what would stop me from giving out my number here. Herpes, maybe? Like I’d probably give my number to a pregnant chick, to a crazy chick, to a chick who told me she had gonorrhea… I’d give it to any girl dumb enough to express interest in me. Guys don’t exactly have so many suitors that we’re allowed to be overly picky with this shit. You express interest in sex, you’re getting a phone number. That’s how this works. I’m not the morality police, ya know?