The Nooch Train Rolls On: Andy Dalton Is Out For Another Game, This Time With COVID


I don't want anyone to get COVID. It's terrible to see. In an ideal world, nobody has it. So all I can do is hope Andy Dalton takes his time and gets better. Mind you, he has now tested positive for COVID *while* recovering from a concussion, which sounds like no easy task. This is certainly not something you want to rush back from whatsoever. I mean that. He should take as long as he needs to get back to 100%. 

This has been a vicious string of bad luck for the Cowboys QB room. So it looks like Ben DiNucci, the pride of JMU, will be starting at least 1 more game for the 2-6 Cowboys. It appears this week he has the Steelers and their 5th ranked defense, a great test for the young QB! 

All in all, I wish Andy Dalton the best of luck in his recovery. Hope he takes his time and does not return to action until he is 110% ready. I'm sure the Nooch will fill in amicably in his absence. #GetBetterAndy