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Sister Jean Gave Porter Moser A Detailed Scouting Report Of The Team When He Took The Loyola Job Because She Makes Everything About Sister Jean

Hey Sister Jean, why don't you let Porter Moser do his job here? It's been said before and I've had the same thought process but I've had enough of Sister Jean in my face during the Final Four run for a lifetime. She didn't do anything. She didn't hit the game-winners. She didn't come up with the gameplan. Her scouting report of 'toughening a guy up' is so JV. I would have done the opposite. You think I trust some nun when it comes to hoops? Nope. 

You would think she invented hoops the way Loyola and big J people talk about her. All she did was stand there and smile. Do you know how many fans do that? Oh she said a prayer? Well, I got news for Sister Jean. I prayed every damn time I saw Ashton Hagans shooting a ball. I prayed during all of Aaron Harrison's threes in 2014. Maybe I should start leaving scouting reports for coaches when I feel like it. 

I'll never forget the image of her press conference vs Loyola's players at the 2018 Final Four. 

Just the ultimate look at me. I'm here to fight for the players. That's why I blog about transfers and the NCAA fucking up. And that's why I've had enough about Sister Jean. Let me know whenever Sister Jean can get a bucket. If she thinks she can coach, I want Porter Moser to give her the keys for a game. Let's see how she handles timeouts and a real scouting report.