Cristiano Ronaldo Dropping The Line 'Cristiano Is Back. This Is The Important Thing' After Scoring 2 Goals Is So Damn Cocky You Have To Respect It

[Source] -  Cristiano is back. This is the important thing."

Goddamnit, what a line by Ronaldo. Sure he missed some time due to coronavirus and a few positive tests, but you think he cares? Nope. He comes back, gets his two goals and talks in third person. I love it. When you're as good as Ronaldo you can talk in third person. The list of athletes that can do that: Ronaldo, Zlatan, Messi, LeBron, Brady, Mahomes, Trout and whatever hockey player. That's it. It's like the clown shirt and what Dave says about that, it's reserved for a select few. 

I actually expect this sort of quote from Zlatan. I'm surprised it wasn't him. He's the best during interviews and legit the best athlete in the world when it comes to dropping lines. 

And Ronaldo is right. He's back and that's the important thing. You're talking about one of the two best players in the world. Go ahead and debate him vs Messi. I'll let you. 

I just love the line so much though.

 'I'm back' - Michael Jordan

-Cristiano Ronaldo

Also just a reminder this is who he gets to go home to. Not a shabby life for Ronaldo