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NFL Power Cheahkings - Week 9 Edition

We're back with another week of the Power Cheahkings! A couple movers and shakers, but it seems like the top teams in each conference are really starting to separate themselves:

They were 19.5 point favorites vs. the Jets. While it wasn’t easy at start, they finished strong covering easily. They have another gear nobody else has. Change: n/a

Big boy win vs. the Ravens. They’re going to be a tough out and definitely a threat to Kansas City in January. Change: n/a

They eeked out a win against the frisky Giants, but they’re just a complete team. Defense sparked the offense and they can get after the passer, which is why I rank them above Seattle.  Change: n/a

They dominated the surging 49ers and their offense is scary, but can are they really counting on Carlos Dunlap as a pass rusher? Change: +3

It wasn’t pretty at all times, but they went into a tough place to play in Chicago and came out with a W. Big time divisional showdown on Sunday vs. the Bucs. Change +4

Has the league figured out Lamar Jackson? He just hasn’t been the same guy that we saw win the MVP last year. They still played Pittsburgh close but Lamar’s big game performances are beginning to become a concern. Change -2

This team has won their last two, but barely beating the Jets and Patriots right now aren’t exactly insipiring wins. You play who is on your schedule, but they haven’t looked good. Change +1

I know they beat the brakes off the Bills, but that was a home game and I’m losing faith in Ryan Tannehill. Buffalo has a better defense and more firepower. Change: -2

The Vikings stink and they dominated. What does that say about Green Bay? Change: -4

They had a bye, but still hard to rank them above the Packers. Change: n/a

They dominated the Lions and their defense is for real. When Philip Rivers plays like that they’ll be tough to beat. Change: +4

The Raiders are a tough team to figure out. Beat KC but get stomped by the Bucs only to dominate the Browns. Change: +5

Tua didn’t look great, but the defense sure did. The bye week QB change makes more sense when you think about them changing to an RPO based offense. Change: +5

Tough loss to the Saints on Sunday, but what do they do at QB? They have a great defense, but they continually stall out at signal caller. Change: -2

Bad loss at home to the Raiders. This big boy football team got pushed down by a bigger boy. Change: -2

This team looks awesome some weeks and horrible others. They’ll need to clean up the mistakes in protection for Jared Goff to be successful. Change: -5

Tough loss to a Falcons team that’s playing some feisty ball under interim HC Raheem Morris. But still a game they should have won. Change: -1

Both Jimmy G and George Kittle are hurt and will miss significant time. This team shows some good fight and is tough, but they’re running out of guys. Change: -3

Joey Burrow looks like the real deal and Tee Higgins has developed as a great pass catcher for him. Giovani Bernard and Samaje Perine have filled in well in Joe Mixon’s absence. Change: +6

All Drew Lock does is win. Very clutch play at the buzzer to win the game vs. a spicy Chargers team. Change +7

Did you watch on Sunday Night? I mean yeah, they won, but they looked horrendous. I don’t see how they should move up even after a win. Change: -1

They were off this week but still fall two spots due to the competitiveness in the division. Change: -3

A bunch of Lions fans were upset I had a previously 3-2 team at #23. The Lions are who we thought they were. Change: n/a

They dominated the Packers and Dalvin Cook is a monster when healthy, but can he do that every week? Change: +4

Justin Herbert is so fun to watch. He might be the guy I take when looking at the QBs taken the last two seasons. Change: -4

Raheem Morris suddenly has this team playing competitive football. They’ll win a few more this season. Change: +4

They showed some fight in Buffalo, but they still couldn’t close the deal. This team just doesn’t have the goods right now. Change -5

They were off but still tumble as the Colts and Titans are the big players in that division. Change: -4

Admirable fight on Monday Night. They’ve now been in single score games in 6 of their last 7 games. Hard to bet against a team that plays like this. Change: -3

Gardner Minshew is hurt, so they’re held a QB battle between Jake Luton and Mike Glennon. Oof. Change: -1

Not Gucci. This team is horrendous. Change: n/a

Can’t kick FGs if you’re trying to beat the Chiefs. Change: n/a