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Daniel Jones Doesn't Need A Hype Group, He And All Those Who Believe In Him Need To Apologize For Pretending He's A QB Worth A Damn

I don't like being opposite of Clem, but here we are. This is what Daniel Jones does to this fanbase. This is what Daniel Jones has done to friends and family. He's getting people to believe he's worth a damn and not a complete mess that's continuing to show a massive lack of development and improvement. Last night was yet another loss squarely on the shoulders of ole DJ. The defense did their job. The receivers did their job. Wayne Gallman showed up. All Danny Jones had to do was throw a *ahem* dime to one of the 6 wide open deep passes that would have resulted in a touchdown. 

I said this on draft night: 

And sure I may have been wrong wanting the Giants to take Dwyane Haskins - although I still trust him more and think it's more a Washington thing. I really wanted Josh Allen as a pass rusher at 6 when he fell there, which few people expected. Remember the Giants had pick 17 too. The fact is Daniel Jones and David Cutcliffe fooled the Giants into thinking this was Eli 2.0. It's not. Eli made improvements. He won games. He doesn't have stats comparing him to Ryan fucking Leaf in terms of turnovers. 

I wanted to be wrong! I wanted Daniel Jones to improve and be the quarterback of this franchise. It meant they hit on a QB pick and 6 overall. That's massive. That's how you don't set a franchise back. But now? Now we're debating if the Giants should take Trevor Lawrence if they get the 1 pick (they should) or Justin Fields. Now, I don't necessarily want them to draft Fields because they have so many other issues - need O-Line help, a pass rusher and a true No. 1 WR to go with Darius Slayton. But the fact is you start building that shit when Jones is on a rookie contract and then hope you find a franchise QB because Danny ain't it. 

It's not even the wins and losses. It's the lack of development. It's the lack of improvement. He's still making mind-numbingly dumb decisions. Shit, even look at the 2pt conversion. He hesitated on the throw to Lewis, who was WIDE open. Yes, it should have been pass interference but all Jones had to do was throw it right away. It's those types of mistakes along with that shitty interception above that Jones keeps making. He keeps missing the open play. It never should have come down to that 2pt conversion. 

We don't want a hype group. We want a competent quarterback that can win you a game, not consistently turn the ball over a damn apology.