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Do These Look Like Gold Bars Found Up A Man's Butt At An Indian Airport?

The National - Police in southern India arrested an airline passenger from Dubai who concealed nearly a kilogram of gold in his body.

The passenger arrived at Kerala's Kannur airport on a GoAir flight with 972 grams of the flattened precious metal that he had inserted into his body.

Officials at the Air Intelligence Unit extracted the gold from the man, the state agency aid on Tuesday.

Know the term "...shit a gold brick"? Well before now that was just some foolish southernism to describe being shocked out of your mind at something. 

But now, in 2020, it's a real possibility. 

And is it any surprise this occurred in India? 

The land that gave us tree man and all those other oddity greatest-hits that defy reality? If Ripleys believe it or not was a country it’d be India.

But why on earth would somebody do such a thing you ask?

The goods and services tax on gold in India is 18 per cent, making smuggling the precious metal into the country profitable for illegal networks.

In recent months, police uncovered gangs and caught passengers trying to bring gold into the country.

Over the past week, several airports in India reported seizing gold between 300g and 3kg stuffed into capsules in paste form or lined in underwear.

I realize that taking an 18% haircut on gold bullion is steep. But at what point do you weigh the trade-off of having to shove these giant gold rods up your asshole? For me its 99%. The tax rate would have to be 99% for me to have to jam these things up my rectum and attempt to walk through the airport undetected. Anything less than 99% and I'm taking the hit. Just not worth it. 

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