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Shaq's Favorite Memory With The Heat Isn't Winning A Title - It's Trying To Fight A Teammate While Naked In The Shower

Take it away Steve Addazio 

Who doesn't enjoy a little locker room shenanigans? Nobody cares about winning titles or All-Star teams or All-NBA, it's all about fighting a teammate naked. A little slap and tickle. What makes it even better is the fact Udonis Haslem refused to break it up. Clearly a man who has seen some shit and can't be getting in the middle of that. Just imagine this dude, hog out, assuming not soft due to testosterone, ready to fight you all soapy: 


But the team shower is an important place. I firmly believe that. The YAK talked about it before

It's been talked about before but team showers build camaraderie. It's important to a team. If anything I'd guess this naked shower fight brought the Heat closer together. If you're not willing to talk shit, fight and hash things out with your dick flopping around how can I trust you to have my back on the court? I need to know someone is willing to dive into the foxhole with me, naked or not. Oh and if you're the person going into the team shower wearing boxers or even your swimsuit you should be kicked off the team. The locker room shower is for naked, dick tricks/jokes and fights. That's how a team gets good. 

Definitive rankings of NBA players you don't want to fight naked in the shower

5. Bol Bol

4. A.C. Green

3. Manute Bol

2. Serge Ibaka

1. Shaq