Wake Up With MVP Finalist, Manny Machado Smoking A Walk-Off Grand Slam

I was told Manny Machado made a mistake going to San Diego and would never be relevant again. Guess I was mislead. Machado, along with Fernando Tatis Jr led the Padres to a playoff appearance and was arguably the story of the MLB season with their knack for hitting massive taters with the bases loaded. They lit the league on fire there for a little and damn it was exciting. Machado bounced back from a rough year last year and quietly was putting up solid #s while Tatis was making the headlines. .304/.370 OBP with a .950 OPS, 16 homers, 47 driven in, 68 hits in 60 games, and of course the amazing defense. All that was good enough for  Manny to be named as an NL MVP finalist alongside Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, my guess is Freeman takes it home but I love seeing Manny get the respect for this season. He also may have my favorite home run swing in the game. When he gets ahold of it, you know. Nice of him to give it a watch too, he was just waiting to see if it was going second deck or not.