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This Tik Tok Girl Looks So Much Like Pam Beesley It's Either Pam Beesly Or We Have Perfected Human Cloning

I miss The Office so fucking much. I don't need to expand on that, there are few shows...few topics in general more played out on the internet than The Office, the last thing the world needs is another top 10 list of my favorite episodes copy-and-pasted from another site only I change the order of 1 and 10 so everyone hates me and I get a ton of comments and hateviews. I just miss it that's all. You can only watch a show for comfort so many times during a quarantine and I draw the line at 4, until December at the very least.

All I'm saying is I'm thinking maybe I switch things up and hire this clonegirl to just like sit around/live her life in my apartment. Like a broadway show instead of TV, and I have front row tickets. Maybe like put a sleeping bag in the walk-in closet (the hallway one not the bedroom one obviously) and when I snap my fingers and play the Office theme song that's her cue to come out and just be Pam and do Pam things until it's time to go back to the closet. There are a few requirements, like of course she'd be required to find a Jim for herself.

As well as a couple of friends from the office. I mean no offense but nobody wants to watch Pam just being Pam. Dwight and maybe Stanley, I don't know it can be up to her (no Andy, way too annoying. No Oscar either, this apartment is only big enough for one Well, Actually guy. And obviously a Michael. That's a must. If this clone is a post-S7 Ep22 version clone, I send her back. If a Gabe even knocks on my door, I send her back.) Obviously they'd be on their own for housing, and finding a place close enough to work may be tricky. But my next door neighbor Alice just turned 89 so, you know. Just you never know when something could open up is all.

I don't know it's just a thought I was thinking about. Obviously there are some hang-ups and whatnot, but you know what BJ Palmer says, get the big idea and the rest will follow. 


For all the nasty people out there on the internet who want to take this out of context to make me look like a "creep" or "criminal" or something, maybe nitpick my phrasing of "buying a woman" or saying I "made her live in the closet" as if it's not even a walk-in, this is your warning that I won't stand for it. I don't even have hiring power anymore. But I can ask Coley. 

via @Livvy.lady