Mike Tyson Reportedly Has Another Opponent Lined Up: Former NHL Tough Guy Georges Laraque

Apparently Georges Laraque went on a French language sports radio station in Montreal and said that he has a 75% chance of getting in a ring with Mike Tyson. That would be INCREDIBLE theatre. I hope it happens because as a sports fan I would tune in. 

Georges Laraque, if you didn't watch the video, absolutely destroyed guys in the NHL. Never backed down. Always answered the bell. Arguably one of the toughest guys in NHL history. He is also supposedly an absolute sweet heart of man. And for that reason I would hope that it doesn't happen because Mike Tyson still does things like this

There's a difference between being a hockey player who is a great fighter and a fucking fighter. Laraque might have the reach, the size, the youth, and everything else but is NOT a boxer. He is not Mike Tyson. Mike is old as fuck but he would hurt Laraques. Laraque has done some MMA work but boxing is a different beast and Mike Tyson is a different animal. I want to see it, yeah, because I love blood sport and this would be incredibly compelling. I will however say a quick prayer for Laraque's brain before the fight because Tyson will absolutely turn it into jello if Laraque isn't careful.