Bob Huggins Didn't Think The Big 12 Tournament Being Cancelled Was The End Of The World Because He's Been 'Dead And Shocked Back To Life A Few Times'

To quote our dear friend Dirk Nowitzki 'SHUT IT DOWN'

We won't find a better quote in college hoops this season than this. The season hasn't even technically started yet but look at that. Huggy Bear out here saying he's been dead and shocked back to life MULTIPLE times and that's why he didn't think the world was ending with the NCAA Tournament being cancelled. Just an unreal quote that only Huggins can deliver. I mean look at the guy: 

Hell we've even seen him pop out of a coffin before! 

It's one of the most overused statements on the Internet, but we really need to protect Huggs at all cost. He's someone who makes college hoops better. He delivers quote after quote. He typically has West Virginia competing and in the NCAA Tournament. Hell he even adopted Press Virginia, one of the more fun and annoying teams to watch. 

So even if I disagree 100% with him because I live for the NCAA Tournament. March is my month, damnit. My world was ending, but then again I haven't been dead multiple times. Just when Luke fucking Maye made a jumper. That killed me. 100% positive that killed me. That said, I'm thinking this quote and knowing Huggs has been brought back to life multiple times is good for at least 2-3 wins for WVU each year.