Marlon Humphrey Tweets Out That He Has Coronavirus

Uhhh... what? This came from the clouds. Don't think I've seen an NFL player announce it in this fashion either. I wanted to think it was a joke but all signs point to it being true. He sat out practice last Wednesday "with an illness" and then practiced Thursday/Friday and played yesterday. I don't know what sort of procedures and protocols were followed (or not followed) but it's certainly a bad look for everyone involved.

Obviously it's paramount that Marlon get healthy. His well-being comes first. With that said there are ramifications for the Ravens in the short-term. This secondary is already down a few men and a position group that we thought had an abundance of depth is suddenly very thin. Terrible timing but that's just the nature of this beast of a virus.

This is just insult to injury after losing Ronnie Stanley yesterday. Uncanny how each of these guys were given $100M contracts in the past month and suddenly they've each caught a bad break. The Colts are a good team and both of those guys will be missed. Hopefully Marlon gets healthy and can be back in time for New England the following week. Get well Marlo!

UPDATE: Ravens have confirmed. We have a situation.