Wake Up With Adam Jones Shoving An Umpire To The Ground

Just a vicious shove from Adam Jones on this play. A nice full two-handed shove to Hunter Wendelstedt was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jones was just hustling down the line when the throw gets away, he's got thoughts of second in his head. That's when Wendelstedt steps on the train tracks and finds out the hard way that Jones is a pretty big guy. In all seriousness I remember watching this and cracking up because Jones literally just touches him lightly and Hunter flies back like a euro soccer player. Would have been at least a yellow, maybe a red card. It's also wild to me that MLB Umpires are some of the most unathletic people in the world. Jones barely touches him and he flies backwards like he was shot. Gotta get some younger guys who can actually move in the game today.