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Please Stop Punching People Wearing Helmets

Football is one of the most violent games in existence. It's a bunch of massive dudes flinging their bodies at one another at unimaginable speeds. There are bound to be fights. But there is a problem sweeping the game of football that has reached such a point that something needs to be done about it: punching people who are wearing helmets. I'm on the verge of losing it if I see one more guy take a swing at someone whose target area is fully protected.

Today, it was the Bears' Javon Wims. Yesterday, it was half of the Florida and Missouri rosters.

Look, I'm all for fighting. I actually think all sports should embrace the old school NHL rules and just let any two willing parties go at it. But everyone is aware that you're getting tossed from a football game if you throw a punch. So why the hell are you throwing it at the one area more likely to hurt yourself than the guy you're punching?

If you really want to send a message and get your money's worth, give the guy a swift kick to the coin pouch. Make him feel it. All you're doing with a punch to the helmet is giving your own hand a stinger and getting yourself kicked out of the game for the dumbest reason possible.

And Wims had all the time in the world to plan out how he was going to attack that guy. He had that sneak attack coordinated from the time the play started and the best he came up with was a punch to the helmet. I expect more from some of the best athletes in the world when it comes to fighting on the field.

Let's have the boys drop helmets and just go at it. Offsetting personal fouls and we move on about our day. Then try telling me about a ratings decline.