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Ryan Kerrigan Wants A Trade And I Hope They Do The Right Thing And Send Him To A Contender


Ryan Kerrigan is one of the more underrated players in the NFL. All he's done his entire career is get sacks. I also swear he gets held without a call on more plays than anyone else in the league, but when he's not getting held, he gets sacks.



This season he has 4 sacks, despite playing a small fraction of the snaps due to Chase Young and Montez Sweat getting the lion's share. So despite still producing at a high level, Ryan isn't getting the playing time he wants, and has requested a trade. And they better give it to him.

There's nobody who deserves to play for a contender more than Ryan Kerrigan. He has been the most professional player possible through his entire career, despite being on some shitty, shittyyyyy teams. And now that he has gone from 40 snaps a game to 20, they should let him get snaps somewhere he can win a Super Bowl. 

I guess the tricky part is the NFC East is so bad it's actually still winnable, despite being 2-5. Do you trade a guy who produces in a limited role when you can still win the division? Rivera keeps going back and forth between "we are building for the future" and "we want to win now" so I guess depending one what sort of mood he's in that day will decide if Kerrigan is traded or not.

I think at the end of the day we should do right by him and let him go play for an AFC contender. He will certainly be missed.