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Uriah Hall Sends Anderson Silva Out On His Back With A Fourth Round TKO

Every fighter - especially former champions, with storied careers - probably AT SOME POINT envisions their career ending on a high note, with them picking up one final win in the octagon, and then walking away into the sunset. 

Anderson Silva definitely falls into that category, as he said so himself multiple times this week; but unfortunately, we just saw how unforgiving a sport fighting could be as Uriah Hall knocked "The Spider" out in the fourth round of their main event at the UFC Apex tonight.

Almost immediately after the conclusion of the fight, we were shown mixed martial arts from a completely different angle, however - not the unforgiving side, but the respectful side:

Uriah practically went all Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair at the end there with the "I'm sorry - I love you", didn't he?!

….and considering Anderson refused to rule out a return in his post-fight interview (which was spoken like a true fighter), I'd say the Flair analogy is even more spot-on. He'll probably go to MMA's TNA now to finish out a career that even his biggest fans wish ended a couple years ago.

As for the fight itself, and Hall's performance - it started slow, but once it got going, it got going! He looked sharp, wasn't too hesitant to throw/pull the trigger on his combinations, and got great advice between rounds. 

Uriah even almost finished the fight in Round 3, to be honest….

This victory definitely isn't worthy of a title shot or anything, in my opinion, but it was definitely a great showing for an OG. He could get someone in the Top 5 next.