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Under No Circumstances Can We Allow Children To Have Dance Offs With Michael Myers Holding a Knife

I'm seeing a lot of love with this video on the internet. Everyone saying it's the best video of 2020 and we should all have our hearts filled with joy. "Once again there is hope in America." "This is the Halloween we can get behind!" 

You know what? If I'm this kid's parents there's no chance I'm letting him have a dance party with Michael fucking Myers holding a goddamn knife. I mean what are we doing here? If I'm this kid's dad and I'm looking out from the kitchen window seeing him going toe to toe with MM I'm grabbing my own weapon and running out there to defend the neighborhood. You can never be too careful. I don't care if this guy is the nicest man in the neighborhood. Doesn't matter one bit to me, I won't be fooled. Myers is always adapting to further trick us into his traps. I'm not buying it for a second. I see a taller human being wearing the Michael Myers mask and I'm calling every area of the government to help stop this monster. It won't be enough, he'll escape and go missing, but at least we'll delay another massacre. 

P.S. Can we please get this kid a happy meal? I'm concerned about his legs. The second half of that video I was just praying they weren't going to snap.