What A Thread: W. Earl Brown Swore Off Prosthetics Forever...Until STAR WARS Called...Which Led To Sworn Secrecy And A "Deadwood" Reunion

I was checking out the credits after watching S2E1 of Disney+'s fantastic space Western "The Mandalorian" and a familiar name jumped out at me: W. Earl Brown. He played the Weequay Proprietor which explains why I didn't recognize him while watching.

On the left, if you've been living inside an asteroid snake for the last year.

Thanks to the heavy make-up and prosthetics, there was no way anyone could know that it was actually Dan Dority/Warren on the stick at the bar in Mos Pelgo. 

Yup. Same guy.

A second later when I remembered that Timothy Olyphant (Cobb Vanth) was also in the episode, I realized that we were treated to a reunion from one of the greatest shows in TV history, "Deadwood". Not only was it a reunion of two of the sublime HBO Western's essential characters, the actors were coincidentally playing the same roles they did 15 years ago---a sheriff and a barkeep (though Dority had other, um, tasks as well). 

So I gave the cool tidbit a shoutout on Twitter. Not long after, Brown posted this awesome soup-to-nuts thread about a lifelong STAR WARS fan doing something he once swore off forever in order to become part of STAR WARS canon. As a longtime "Deadwood" devotee, I loved the shit with him and Olyphant finding themselves on each side of a bar in a Western once again all these years later. And as a kid who also had his cinematic world shook in 1977, I can relate to his enthusiasm upon realizing he'd be working on Tatooine. I've long been a Brown fan and became an ever bigger one after he posted this. Enjoy. (There's no 9 but a 10 and 10b.)