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Remember The First Time You Saw Sam McGuffie's Highlight Tape?

The first time I saw Sam McGuffie's highlight tape I was convinced he'd run for 30,000 yards in the NFL. No doubt about it. He was faster than everyone, he was quicker, he was stronger, HE JUMPED OVER EVERYONE, he was just better. I included him a few weeks back with my Reggie Bush high school highlight tape, but McGuffie's is up there with the best of them. Was pumped to watch him at Michigan and he just never really panned out. Bounced around to some practice squads after finding some playing time at Rice. But that wasn't all he did. He also ran track, played rugby, and now is a bobsledder? I mean this guy is just an all around athlete, couldn't you tell from the video? He was just your standard stud athlete in high school that was better than everyone at every sport. At least we'll always have his highlight tape.