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Wayne Gretzky Has Put His Insane $22.9 Million Mansion (That Lenny Dykstra Previously Owned) On The Market

Wayne Gretzky has put his $22.9 million Sherwood Country Club MANSION in LA on the market once again. The Great One built the property with his wife in 2002 and then he actually sold the place to, guess who? Lenny Dykstra. The Gretzkys sold the mansion to the former MLBer for $18.5 million in 2007, only to buy it back two years later for $13.5 million after Dykstra lost the house to bankruptcy. Nice little turnaround there for #99.

That view though? Thats the shit us peasants will never experience. Maybe we'll go to a really nice wedding at a place like that someday. But there is zero chance someone like me will ever even get the chance to step foot in a place like that.

"If these walls could talk" has never been more true about a house. First off, the parties the Gretzkys probably threw here in the early 2000's would make a Jake Paul Beverly Hills House party look like a fucking tea party. The Gretzkys were once the big dogs of LA in the 90's. Nobody was cooler. Lets not forget the parties that Paulina and the Gretzky boys probably threw here as well. THEN this giant paradise is passed along to Lenny Dykstra. Imagine the shit Lenny fucking Dykstra got into during his time in this mansion? The amount of booze, blow and hookers these walls have seen is indescribable….and Dykstra only lived there for a year or two! (sold the place in 2010) Let hope the next owner can live up to the previous two.