The Braves Got a Little Butthurt in Atlanta Last Night And The Nats Can Clinch Tonight


Guess that’s what happens when your playoff hopes and dreams are melting away right in front of your face. Silly Braves, thinking they ever had a chance. They have beaten up the Nats pretty well the last couple seasons, including going 8-2 vs them in the first half this year. But without those wins they are a miserable, middle of the road club. Couldn’t keep running hot vs the best team in baseball forever. And if you can’t beat the Nats, maybe it’d be a good idea to beat anyone else when you’re hunting for a wild card spot..


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.14.16 AM


The Nats aren’t disrespecting the A. The A is disrespecting itself. Nats win tonight if Tanner Roark takes care of business. The Braves have Aaron Harang who is 2-0 with a .90 ERA vs the Nats this season.

Bold prediction:

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