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The Conclusion Of My Training Video With Ironman Chris Nikic. Saturday He Becomes The First Person With Special Needs To Complete The Triathlon.

Here is the third and final video of our day with Chris Nikic. 

I sat down with the head of Special Olympics for Florida, Wynne McFarlin, and she described how Chris came into their world and has already changed so many lives. 

Then Chris and I sat down with his father Nik, and his trainer, mentor, and friend Dan Grieb, and they talked about Chris' journey, his future, and how big of an impact he's had on their lives. 

If you watch nothing else today or this weekend, I encourage you to watch this video. Chris' message is incredible. 

I feel so lucky to have gotten to meet him and am honored to call him a friend. 

Can't wait to watch him crush the Ironman Triathlon on November 7th! 



Here's the blog explaining the video and training day - 

Again, this all started with this blog I wrote about Chris months ago.

A stoolie saw him at a gym, approached his father, and next thing you know I get the honor of meeting him and his team last week along with my pal Mojo Rawley from WWE. 





Chris is on a mission to help others with special needs realize their dreams and compete in The Ironman and Special Olympics. One of his favorite charities, The Ironman Foundation, is teaming up with Chris to give 100% of donations for Chris to help his cause. 

You can donate by visiting Chris' website here -

He's still a ways away from his goal so let's help him out if you're able to. Every little bit counts.

Follow Chris' journey on Instagram and on Facebook

And be sure to wish him good luck for his race on November 7th.

Also - big shout out to my videographer @AlexSchenberg for his work on this.