Remember Smash Mouth? They're Still Alive, And Challenging Fans To Come On Stage And Fight For Throwing Bread At Them

Consequence of Sound - Long ago, before the days of Shrek and that “All Star” song, Smash Mouth was actually a pretty legitimate, foul-mouthed rock band as evidenced by their criminally underrated 1997 debut, Fush Yu Mang. For their next album, however, Smash Mouth went a much different direction. Their once abrasive sound devolved into mostly vanilla, emotionless, nonthreatening songs that, while suited for Radio Disney, mostly sucked.

But this weekend, fans who attended the Taste of Fort Collins street festival in Fort Collins, Colorado may have stumbled onto Smash Mouth’s kryptonite: bread.

After getting hit by a few loaves, frontman Steve Harwell briefly reverted back to his 1990s persona, launching into a profanity filled tirade. At one point, he threatened to go into the audience and had to be restrained by security members. Ultimately, the set was canceled.


Oh man, Smash Mouth, what a blast from the past. I remember buying the Fush Yu Mang cassette tape from Strawberries like it was yesterday.

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True superstars. Back then I never thought I’d see the day where they were performing at some bootleg fair getting pelted with loaves of bread and challenging fans to fight. Seriously loaves of bread? Who throws loaves of bread? Where did they even get loaves of bread at a concert? Did they bring their own loaves of bread from home because they knew Smash Mouth fucking hates loaves of bread? Very strange all around, and safe to say the official nail in the coffin for Smash Mouth. Kind of deserved after selling out and torpedoing their career with that corny ass All Star song for Shrek.

Always remember the good times…