Dude Says He Would Carry Lebron's Baby To Make Sure His Genes Carry On To Future Generations

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Lebron is about as polarizing of a figure as there is. Especially this series. Some people love him, some people hate him. Some people respect him, some people dont respect him. Some people would have their body genetically altered to accommodate Lebron’s fetus to ensure his genetics continue on in the human race, some people would not have their body genetically altered to accommodate Lebron’s fetus to ensure his genetics continue on in the human race.

And thats what makes him such a fascinating character. You got people like Portnoy who I think would actual murder Lebron’s offspring in an effort to make sure the James genes are snuffed out from existence, and guys like Matt who would alter his physiological make up to help carry on his name. Diametrical opposites. I fall somewhere in the between because I have a brain. Especially when it comes to this series. What hes doing with these triple doubles – regardless of his shooting percentage or Golden State’s strategy – is absolutely nuts. Straight up legendary. Without him, this team is the Knicks – AKA the worst team in basketball. With him, they are fighting a 67 win team down to the wire. I dont care what Golden State does with their doubles and what they give to Lebron, you dont “allow” 40-14-11. You don’t “let” someone average 37 13 and 9. Not giving a guy credit for those numbers is simply childish. I can understand that notion with a guy like Carmelo. Let him shoot all day long and if he puts up 40, 5 and 2, whatever. Rest of the team is completely stagnant and ineffective. It even worked at times with Kobe when he’d shoot like 14-47. But when you’re “letting” a guy get his 40 he shouldnt also be average double digits assists. When he does that along with 14 rebounds a couple steals and a block its not like he’s just shooting his way to a loss. He account for 70 of Cleveland’s 91 points last nite. He’s playing every minute of the game, scoring a fucking ton of points, and getting his teammates involved despite Golden State’s best efforts to not allow him to. Hes doing almost everything. If you don’t like his forced tough guy comments after the game, fine. If you dont like that it seems like hes playing up the fact that he knows hes the only talented member of this team, I get it. And if you have a hard stance that the losing team can’t have the MVP, I understand that too. But enough with trying to poke holes in his play this series. Its just crazy to not be able to accept that what he’s doing right now, with the shit team he’s got, is fucking remarkable.

PS – In response to Matt Lau Rey’s question, yes, I would do this for my favorite player. Yes, I do respect my favorite player enough to reconstruct my insides into a womb to carry on his lineage. Yes…I would carry Bartolo Colon’s child.