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Shout Out To This 7-Year-Old Who Set Up A Booth At Bonnaroo And Broke The World Record For High-Fives

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MANCHESTER, Tennessee — Squish, with his two front baby teeth stowed away in Tooth Fairy land, broke a Guinness World Record at Bonnaroo, a festival nearly twice as old as he is. The 7-year-old boy, whom Haim memorably brought on stage in 2013, returned to Bonnaroo this year and claimed the record for most high-fives in an hour with 2,392 on Friday, eclipsing the record of 2,181 high-fives set by Ram Kadam and V Generation in India in 2012. Thousands of people signed up, lined up and, like a well-oiled machine, smoothly, but enthusiastically gave high-fives to Squish, who stood on a pedestal on Friday because each high-five was required to be performed above all participants’ heads. At any given moment at the four-day music festival, someone will raise his or her hand to high-five a fellow festie. The event’s culture made Bonnaroo a prime time for Squish to attempt the record, a feat he didn’t take lightly. Squish trained for this moment with his mom, Amy Spears, who has been documenting his Bonnaroo experiences on social media for three years.



BOSS.  Now that’s a world record worth having.  Why?  Because high-fives are awesome.  Not as awesome as hugs but high-fives are a close second.  You’re always in a little bit better mood after you give somebody a high-five.  There’s something about it.  Up high.  Down low.  The high-five-then-pull-the-person-in-for-a-one-armed-hug.  So many different kinds but always one result: camaraderie.  That’s all it is.  And mother fucking Squish got himself 2,392 doses of camaraderie at Bonnaroo on Friday.  Talk about the perfect place to try and break the high-five record.  no better place than a festival.  Everybody’s all fucked up on whatever and having the time of their lives and what do they see?  A goddamn high-five stand.  Nobody is passing that stand up.  Nobody.  That’s like an oasis for somebody having a bad trip.  High-fives all around.  Good for Squish.



PS- The way to give a solid high-five every time?  Look at the other person’s elbow.  It works 100% of the time.  Try it out.