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Michael Sam Left His Canadian Football League Team Because Someone Said He Stinks And It Made Him Sad

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(Source)Michael Sam’s departure from the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes remains a mystery, but an unidentified source told the Montreal Gazette has a theory about what happened. “All I know is I heard somebody made a comment about him, about how he wasn’t very good and wasn’t having a very good camp. He took it personally and was pouting in his room,” the source said. “It’s very strange. I have no idea what’s going on. He might have a personal issue.” The source also added that Sam is “kind of stuck to himself.”





Gay people must absolutely hate Michael Sam, right? Like there couldn’t possibly have been a worse person to be the first out “professional” athlete. All the dude does is prove stereotypes correct. He stinks at sports, then he whined about not getting a fair shot because he’s gay, then he went to Canada and stinks there too, and that made him sad because all the guys were being big meanies so he just pouted until he quit. That’s like exactly what every bigot thought a gay athlete would do.  It has to piss off the rest of the gay community. You know they were hoping their first out athlete would be some mean fucking inside linebacker who was just a monster and instead they get a guy who dates a tiny little Italian dude, sucks at football, and cries when people are mean. Even gay people are like dude stop being so fucking gay.