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Drunk Woman Giving An HJ Outside Long Island Liquor Store


Buddy just sent this from beautiful jones beach LI….what a world.


What an absolutely perfect video. 31 seconds of deplorable viral video greatness. First of all that had to be the most aggressive HJ I’ve ever seen. I mean I thought she was gonna yank that thing clean off his body. Are you giving a handy or are you working a car jack, babe? Christ almight how about a lady’s touch?

If the video was just 30 seconds of that violent JO going down, it would have been fine. But when homeboy crawled off the bench and got on his knees on the ground I straight up HOWLED with laughter. That has gotta be the single most desperate man on the planet earth. I dont care how drunk you are or how much of a slump you’re in, some chick ripping your dick off to the point that you’re brought to your knees maneuvering so that it can be enjoyable is a level of desperation I’ve never seen. That had to be a 5 dollar hooker and this dude only had $3.50 on him.

And then the conclusion…the icing on the cake…the cherry on top…the dude in the capri pants and flip flops who just strolls past the scene of the crime with his child in his arms. I mean, hey, that kid has to grow up at some point right? Teach him about the derelicts of the world. Like “One day, son,  you’re gonna want girls to tug on your dick but not like this. This is NOT how you want to do it.”

PS – The slumped over boob grab was the saddest thing Ive ever seen

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.18.08 AM