Cersei Using A Body Double For Her Walk Of Shame Last Night Is Some Bullshit

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When that robe came off last night I went bananas. Just started running around the apartment, screaming my head off and a boner flopping around. If that’s what everyone was talking about when they said more shocking than the Red Wedding and “YouTube reaction videos are coming” then I totally get it, it was one of the best scenes in the history of the show. I’ve been obsessed with Cersei since I first laid eyes on her, and after last night it became painfully obvious that I wouldn’t even let some shared DNA stop me from having a go with her. But this morning I find out it was all a lie, and I have to say, pretty pissed off. I mean I should have realized it, I know Lena Headey is a small breasted person who’s covered in tattoos. But I didn’t think about that in the moment, too much blood was being used by other parts of my body for my brain to string together rational thoughts. That should be illegal. If you want your character to be naked then you have to be naked. I’m sick of this body double, CGI nonsense. If you’re gonna show Cersei’s tits then they have to be real, like everything else is in Game of Thrones.



Update: I just learned that she was pregnant during filming so forget literally everything I said. I fully support body doubles and CGI to fix pregnant bodies. Gross.