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Wake Up With All 81 Homers Hit Into McCovey Cove

It's a proven fact that home runs look much cooler when they're hit into large bodies of water. In fact, they should be worth double if a homer lands in water, maybe Manfred could mix in that rule in 2021. It's not a shocker at all that Barry Bonds hit the first 9 homers into McCovey Cove, and has 35 of the 83 total ones. Video only has 83 cuz it's from before this season, so suck it. Idk what's better either, the balls flying into the water, or the creatures that hang out in the boats and wait for the souvenirs. Guys in kayaks with grills on them, massive fishing nets, I need a documentary about those guys. If I'm a power hitting lefty I sign with San Fran just for the Cove.