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Christian McCaffrey Isn't Expected To Play Tonight, So He'd Be A Buffoon To Not Book The First Flight To Cabo And Meet Olivia Culpo

A big win tonight for us Mike Davis fantasy owners. We get more week of hitting the waiver wire at the right time and taking advantage of idiots who didn't handcuff McCaffrey. Yeah, we talk a little fantasy, people like it. Deal with it. There's nothing better as a fantasy owner of hitting the waiver wire and it paying off to the title game. Getting unexpected six weeks out of a guy turned into a team's RB1 and catches passes is just as good though. I all of a sudden have way more of a rooting interest in this Falcons/Panthers game, which I'd watch but be zoned out for half of. 

But the real thing here is what Christian McCaffrey should do. It's a no-brainer. Book the first flight to Cabo. Why? That's where Olivia Culpo is

Typically I'm very much enjoy time on your own away from your significant other, but most significant others don't look like Olivia Culpo. Hell, we've seen guys go to Cabo before during the season

That was actually awesome because a) everyone said that was why the Giants won and I'm a Giants fan. I'm all for the Cowboys implosions. And b) Jessica Simpson was on that trip. 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

Hell even Zeke went there! 

Sure, he's overpaid, but the fact is he got paid. McCaffrey already got his contract, remember this blog? 

So what's the worse that can happen if McCaffrey heads to Cabo? We get an extra two weeks of Mike Davis? Here for it. But I've rambled enough. Here's why you clicked the blog