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We Found The Anti-Drake Curse: If You Want To Win A Title You Just .... Go See The Jonas Brothers In Concert #JonasBlessing

[Source] - "To fully understand this conspiracy, we have to back things up to Sept. 22nd, 2019," Nick says ... "That is the day of the Jonas Brothers show in Kansas City Missouri. You know who was at that show? Patrick Mahomes. Cut to a few months later, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 54."

"Next up, Dec 10, Arizona. Who was there you might ask? Oh, Cody Bellinger. Cut to October 27th, the Dodgers win the World Series."

"Lewis Hamilton attended the Jonas Brothers concert in Paris on Feb. 22nd. Just last week, he won his 92nd Grand Prix, the most of all time."

Here's another example. October 2019, Chicks in the Office gets drunk and sees the Jonas brothers, October 2020: 

And in October 2020 we're closer to the moon than ever. 

No need to fact check but Nick Jonas has a point here. The Drake Curse was very real and lasted several years until Kawhi put an end to it. Even then it took a miracle bounce against the Sixers and a KD/Klay injury in the Finals for it to end. You could make a case that the Drake Curse didn't really die though since Drake has Kevin Durant's number tattooed on his arm. Still such an outrageous visual. 

But here's the thing. Sports fans and athletes are superstitious, every single one of us. You believe in it, I believe in it. Whether it's a shirt, a place to sit, what you drink/eat or this - attending a Jonas Brothers concert in the same year, all play a serious role in the outcome of your favorite team. That's why I'm going to be front row with Coach Cal, Mark Stoops, Daniel Jones and the Knicks whenever we're allowed to see them in concert again. Can't take any risks here. It's 3 for 3 and I see no flaw in the argument. 

I love how there's no timeframe either. Nick is out here like yeah they were in attendance 8 months prior. That's good luck baby. I love it. Can't get enough of shit like this. Do I believe in curses? Yep. 100%. Do I believe in good luck? Even more than curses. It's why I still kick myself in the ass for watching the 2014 title game in a different spot than 2012. Truly believe that cost Kentucky. 

So come to Cincinnati, Jonas Brothers. I'll get the guys and round them up. Then the following year I'll invite all of the Jonas Brothers to the parade with me. Title after title.