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Fight At Towson Ends With Guy Getting Tossed Through The Window


Definitely did not see that coming. Terrible fight, terrible fight, terrible fight and then BOOM! Right through the glass window like Shane O Mac. Any fight that ends with a bloody mess through a window is a win in my book. Win in everyone’s book. If this fight ended any differently I’d have been pissed for the people who were in there. Everyone has seen a fight, especially at Towson. Dime a dozen. But nobody has seen a fight end that way. You live to see shit like that live and in person. The people who witnessed it are going to be able to tell that story for years to come. That they were at a Subway sandwiches when a dude got his skull smashed in by a glass window. Blood everywhere. Gotta wonder if it just went on with business as usual when it ended. 5 dollar footlongs and way too much mayo for everyone.


PS: This should be illegal. Lock this guy up and throw away the key. If you want to be in the video, start a fight. Otherwise shut up and film. It’s not about you. It’s about the fight. Be in one or get out of my face.

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