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This Blog Is For Rico Ryders Eyes Only

It's been quite a week for the people like myself who call themselves Rico Ryders. From the lows of a Ryder Hype circle being revealed 

to the highs of having the weekend of a lifetime on the way to a monthly plaque

us Ryders have been there through it all and today you all have a chance to make some money off the man they call Bosco


Rico is going up against Frankie Borelli who is the consensus #1 player in the office and I guess it's not even close. Rico will have to dig deep if he is going to win. I would be STUNNED if it is a sweep by Rico, would not be as stunned if its a Frankie sweep only because of how highly his cornhole game is regarded around the office. If Rico does pull of the victory I will release the merch we have been designing for the Ryders. Contest starts at 1pm so make your picks now!

PS - I have been going through the submissions to get unblocked by Rico and some of the submissions are hilarious. Full blog breakdown coming sometime but here is a taste

While on twitter I liked a tweet where Big Cat went behind Rico's back and let Nadootadoo on the radio. Rico reacted strongly and hung up. I liked the tweet because of Rico's strength in hanging up but now realize I made a mistake. The tweet was meant in jest towards Rico and I am deeply sorry for my actions. It will not happen again. -@tcweston

Dear #1 Ryder. I am presenting my case here today to be unblocked by Rico. I present my one and only DM to Rico.. only to find out days later I have been blocked. I'm a Ryder through and through and this hurt.

Texting to try and get unblocked by Rico. I did retweet the ballon boy meme and that might have been why he blocked me, but not 100 percent sure if that's the reason. After he did block me, I decided to slander his name for a little bit. For example I said, "Discard every single thing I said on that last tweet. Rico’s a skell. Squeeze him out. @stoolpresidente @ReturnOf_RB" and then I quoted a tweet and called him a trash bag. I realized none of this was worth it because I will always be a rider and as Rico says something's are bigger than sports. Hopefully you can work some magic and get Rico to unblock me #ryder4life #viva

To whom it concerns. I believe I was blocked by Rico for tweeting him in mention to the kids hospital game for UAB. I was excited to hear his pick on the show as no one knows UAB better but I was blocked instead. I have followed Rico for a long time and even rode his picks last year. I have learned and ready to get back in the hole.