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Game Of Thrones Finale Tonight Is Rumored To Be More Shocking than The Red Wedding










So the word on the street is that something major is gonnna happen tonight.  Something that rivals the Red Wedding.  Something that will be all the water cooler talk on Monday.   So here is my question.   If somebody has to die out of the following three people who would you sacrifice?   Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow or the Dragons?

Oh shit Pres no you didn’t!   What an impossible question right?   But honestly those are the only 3 people left who would truly be stunning if they got killed.  First and foremost I need the Dragons.   Like if that dragon died in the stadium last episode I would have hung myself.  Literally just killed myself.  All I want in life is for the dragons to fuck shit up.   I’ve been waiting like 4 years for that.  I can’t live without the dragons.   Kill and eat EVERYBODY.

Next up we need Jon Snow.  Somebody has to defend the fucking Starks and the little Stark who has been living in the tree for 2 years doesn’t look like he has any plans on doing anything and Arya is too busy sweeping floors.  Seriously is there anybody more disappointing than the Two Faced God?  Come on bro.  Do something.  Jon Snow is the only hope we got.

So that means I’d kill Daenerys.  Obviously a terrible choice, but she hasn’t really been wronged by anybody.  I’m not waiting for her to exact revenge on anybody. In fact she has a pretty good gig out there in La La land.  Plus if she dies her Dragons will go ape shit so that’s a win for everybody.


PS – If I had to guess by the way I’d say that Jon Snow dies.  I didn’t like that line in the last episode where the 2nd in command tells him he has a good heart but it’s gonna get everybody killed.   I could see those sneaky ass Wildlings betraying him.    My other hypothesis is Aria ends up getting raped by that dude she is gonna try to kill.  Yeah kid rape is kind of insane but we all know by now that nothing is out of bounds for Thrones.


And keep in mind these are wild guesses.  I don’t read spoilers and I have no clue what’s gonna happen.