Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Impersonated A Prosecutor And Dropped Charges Against Herself?

A Littleton woman allegedly impersonated a Hillsborough County prosecutor when she filed bogus documents with court officials declaring that the drug possession and stalking case against her had been dropped, according to recently released indictments.

Lisa Landon, 33, of Railroad Street, Littleton, faces one charge of false personation and six charges of falsifying physical evidence, according to Hillsborough County grand jury indictments handed up earlier this month.

The indictments allege that Landon submitted the fake documents in three different court cases last November and December. In several instances, she used the New Hampshire court system’s electronic system to file documents.

In November, Hillsborough County prosecutors became suspicious when they heard from a state forensic examiner, who had been scheduled to perform a competency evaluation on Landon.

Lisa, I say to you

This is a 2020 version of "Catch Me If You Can" with the notable exception that this woman has been caught every single time she did something. Stalking(like of course this woman is a stalker)…caught and charged. Possession of meth…caught and charged. Falsifying documents…caught and charged. Falsifying a decision by a judge…caught and charged. You can look at the results and say that Lisa is a failure, but that won't be me. This is a woman with bravado. A woman who looks at the dire consequence of stalking and doing meth and gets to work on problem solving. Some people look at the world and ask why, Lisa dreams about things that seem impossible and asks why not. 

Now, in this case the why not is "Well, Lisa, you're on meth(allegedly) and completely incapable of successfully forging these documents and getting off". She is compounding her problems here, but if you know you're dead to rights and desperate it takes real brain power to get around charges. I would assume that at 33 years old Lisa is pretty familiar with the criminal justice system. Probably not her first rodeo. She doesn't trust the public defendant to get the charges dropped so she took out the middle men and dropped the charges herself. That's what I like to call a self-starter. That is the type of person you want in your company. She is willing to try new ideas to get results. It was just her execution that was flawed. I hope that when she walks out of prison she has a line of head-hunters to meet with.