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Prove That DC Is The Best Hockey City (Easy Task) And Win a Trip To Boston With EA SPORTS and NHL 15

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EA SPORTS And NHL ’15 Is Looking For The Biggest Hockey Fan In Washington

Are you the biggest hockey fan you know? Then prove it. We already know that DC is the best hockey city there is. We have the most passionate fans, loudest crowds, and most ride or die hockeyaholics on Earth. So now we’re looking for the biggest hockey maniac in the DMV. If your mancave is set up like a hockey arena, show it. If you’ve been to every Caps game since you were born, prove it. Have the Caps won a cup? Maybe not. But is the Verizon Center still packed to the brim night after night after night? Absolutely. That’s what separates us from the rest. Caps fans are there no matter what. So show what we already know and prove that DC is the hockey capital of the world and win a trip to Boston for the chance to win a new Xbox One entertainment and gaming console, NHL 15 for Xbox One, and $1,000 cash.

Use the hashtag #HockeyIsBetterInWashington on Twitter and show us what you got.

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