"5 Seconds of Summer" Dude Gets His Face Blown Off By Fire Machine In The Middle Of Concert

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DM – Australian boy band 5 Seconds Of Summer’s guitarist Michael Clifford has been rushed to hospital with burns to his face sustained during a concert in Wembley, London on Saturday evening.

The 19-year-old reportedly got too close to a pyrotechnic display on stage, which saw his hair catch fire before the show was cancelled early so the musician could seek medical attention.

Taking to Instagram hours later, Michael assured fans his condition was stable with a thumbs-up, although the left side of his face is now bandaged.

The dark-haired musician ceased playing immediately, and rushed off the stage at once.

It is reported the award-winning Australian band were performing their hit She Looks So Perfect at the time.

Guess this is kind of like a hybrid Monday Morning Metaphor mixed with just a little Monday morning pick-me-up? Leaning more towards the pick-me-up. Just seeing some super successful, famous, rich young punk, who has probably had sex with more perfect 10s than you have even looked at on the internet, get his face blown off by a fire cannon live on stage to even things out a little bit and make you smile. Literally the definition of a hater right there but I’m fine with it. Sometimes you just like to see the happy people get torn down a little you know?

Anyway I’m not really up on 5 Seconds of Summer, I take it they’re like a poor man’s version of One Direction? Very poor, judging by their stage presence. 1D would never stick their face into a pyrotechnic machine and get destroyed by flames that’s for damn sure.

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